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On your walk down the track to the river, you should start to collect the bits and bobs you need to make your boat. Look out for big leaves that have fallen off trees. Green ones are best, as brown ones may be too brittle and start to fall apart as you work with them.

You’ll need twigs too, to make masts or to fix together to create a raft. And if you find a big piece of bark that’s peeled off a tree, then you’re really in luck!

The fantastic Horseshoe Falls in front of you were built by a famous engineer called Thomas Telford in 1806. They helped to take water from the River Dee into the Llangollen Canal, which then took goods like slate and wool, loaded on barges, all over the UK.

Telford built the canal, too, with the help of hundreds of men, who cut it out of the rock. But Telford always wanted to make sure that his work fitted in with the landscape rather than ruining it. Do you think he succeeded?

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